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Forage and cook: abruzzo, italy 2018

October 1st – October 7th, 2018

Our vegan and vegetarian retreats take place off the beaten path, in the magical, agriculturally-rich region of Abruzzo in Italy. We host these getaways because we know how hard it can be for vegans and vegetarians to find traditional, plant-based dishes to enjoy while traveling the Bel Paese. We do all the hard work of planning an exciting itinerary and an authentic, plant-based menu for you, so you can relax and enjoy your travels to the fullest.


Why come to our Abruzzo Forage and Cook retreat?

  • Plant-based menu. We have researched and prepared traditional, plant-based menus, filled with naturally vegan and vegetarian recipes that the locals have enjoyed for centuries. Ancient grains, indigenous pulses, organic fruit and vegetables, wild greens and herbs, truffles and porcini mushrooms - you will get to taste the best of the traditional local cuisine, virtually unheard of abroad.
  • Immersive cultural experience. We forage and cook our way through mountain villages that are mostly untouched by tourism and offer an incredibly authentic, immersive cultural experience. We partner with locals to learn about their crafts and traditions, like foraging for fresh truffles and herbs, as well as wine and olive oil production. 
  • Affordable, discounted rates. Thanks to our local partner, Abruzzo With Gusto, our guests stay in incredible, 5-star places in breathtaking, medieval villages at discounted rates. 
  • Learn traditional recipes. We host hands-on cooking classes, led by Abruzzo locals, where you can gain unforgettable skills, like pasta-making with heritage grain flour, cooking with wild foraged greens, and making local herb cocktails. Have you ever made “celli pieni,” olive-oil based cookies filled with a luscious grape jam? Or crunchy “tarallucci al vino," a hearty pasta and chickpea soup? You will learn these and other hundred-year-old local recipes.
  • Cook with Anya. Inspired by the Abruzzese traditions, Anya will lead a cooking class, where you'll get to cook through several of her creative recipes based around fresh, seasonal ingredients, with a modern twist.
  • Get in touch with your inner wanderer. The retreat is a perfect opportunity to slow down, recharge, make things with your hands, and get in touch with your inner wanderer.

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