Abruzzo: Forage, Cook, and Re-Center Retreat 2019 with On-Site Acupuncture Physician and Daily Yoga/Meditation

Abruzzo: Forage, Cook, and Re-Center Retreat 2019 with On-Site Acupuncture Physician and Daily Yoga/Meditation

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Come along with us to relax, re-center and experience fall in the magical region of Abruzzo. Begin each day with yoga and meditation, led by our amazing certified yoga instructor. Relax and re-center with acupressure and gua sha facial/body massage offered by our on-site Acupuncture Physician. Forage for native edible plants and truffles, meditate in an olive grove with 600 year old trees, slow down, and reconnect with the elements. Learn to cook traditional Abruzzese dishes from the locals. Enjoy Golubka Kitchen team’s workshops on cooking simple plant-based meals, vegan cheese, medicinal jams, and herbal tonics.

When and Where

— September 30th – October 6th, 2019
— Abruzzo, Italy


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— Anya Kassoff and Masha Davydova of Golubka Kitchen
— Anna of Abruzzo with Gusto
— Svetlana Osadchy, Acupuncture Physician
— Chemen Hudikowa Handel, Certified Yoga Instructor


Singles, couples or small groups, interested in re-centering, relaxing, cooking, and discovering the magical region Abruzzo. We are looking to gather a group of 6-12 people.

What’s Included

— A double occupancy room for 6 nights or a single occupancy room with an additional cost of $500
— Three vegan or vegetarian meals daily: breakfast, lunch and dinner, wine included
— 1 one-on-one appointment with our on-site Acupuncture Physician, including a diagnostic consultation, gua sha massage (facial or body), and acupressure
— All daily yoga and meditation classes with our on-site certified yoga instructor
— All ground transportation via private coach and drivers
— All excursions and tours
— Cooking classes and workshops
— Transfers between Abruzzo and Rome, upon arrival and departure
— Taxes and service charges

Not included:

— Airfare to Rome
— Trip insurance
— All follow up appointments with our on-site Acupuncture Physician will be at additional cost (1st appointment included in the cost)
— Optional activities during free time

Terms & Conditions

By reserving a spot, you agree to all of the following. Please review carefully:

A 50% deposit (the “Deposit”), payable to Abruzzo With Gusto (hereinafter, “AWG”), of which $600 is non-refundable for administrative fees, is required at the time of the reservation of the program (hereinafter, “the Program”) for each participant (“Participant”). Upon payment of the Deposit to AWG, the Participant expressly agrees to be bound by the Terms & Conditions set forth below:

Payment Schedule & Deposits – A 60% deposit per person (the “Deposit”), payable to Abruzzo With Gusto (hereinafter, “AWG”), of which $600 is non-refundable for administrative fees, is required at the time of the reservation of the program (hereinafter, “the Program”) for each participant (“Participant”). Final payment must be received by AWG no later than 120 days prior to the first day of the Program.

Changes in Itinerary – AWG and its partners are committed to creating an enjoyable Program itinerary. If improvements can be made prior to the commencement of or even during the Program, or if unforeseen conditions make changes necessary, AWG reserves the right to vary the Program itinerary and/or substitute accommodations of an equivalent quality and will not be held responsible for any of these types of changes or occurrences. Individual deviations or additions to or from the scheduled Program itinerary are at the sole expense of the individual Participant.

Getting To & From – The tour begins and ends in Rome. Consider spending a few days in the Italian capital before or after your stay in Abruzzo. Please plan to meet us at our assigned place (the place will be confirmed at a later stage to make sure it suits all participants) and at the assigned time. Please note that out of consideration for our guests, we will not be able to wait for late arrivals. If you are late, you will need to arrange for alternative transportation to Abruzzo. Any alternative travel arrangements will be at your own additional expense and will not decrease the price of the program.

Promotional Materials – Photographs or, in some cases, videos, of Participants taken during the program may be used for promotional purposes by AWG and its partners and each of the Participants expressly consents to this manner of promotional use when reservations are completed.



"Having the opportunity to explore a lesser known region of Italy to find its hidden gems in the Culinary arts was such an enriching experience! Getting to see first hand how the people in these areas live, visiting locals in their homes… From truffle hunting to tasting oil from 600 year old olive groves… Wild foraging for greens & making pasta in an Italian woman’s kitchen…. Not the typical trip to Italy. It was a delightful & delicious experience!"

- Rachel, Alabama

"I loved the retreat. It was well managed, we had the best food, awesome accommodation, great people, perfectly sized travel group and great tour guides. I had looked very much forward to this retreat and it was even better than I imagined. You created an amazing experience, with wonderful and very unique accommodations, the best meals I have ever had, set in a beautiful landscape, off the beaten path. The silence was palpable and so welcome to step out of the noisy and hectic lifestyle most of us have these days. I seriously consider joining you again, so I can have more of those meals, go back to the medieval village of Santo Stefano and the unique scattered hotel. We also had an awesome group, which made it even more special!"

- Claudia, Massachusetts

"It was a trip of a lifetime. Abruzzo could not have been more beautiful! I loved the diversity of the land, the hiking, cooking and loved loved loved the food. I also was glad that it was not a large group...I liked the intimacy of the smaller number of participants. It truly was a remarkable 6 days and you all were so kind, knowledgeable and pleasant to be with."

- Helen, Michigan

"Thank you for the wonderful trip. It was so much more than I thought it would be. A deep dive into the food, culture and people of Abruzzo. I had experiences that I could never have on my own. I thought we were a good mix of ages, interests and countries. Diversity makes things so interesting."

- Maudia, Michigan

"I've been to Italy before but never like this! We visited magical places that I'd never know about on my own: Santo Stefano with its fairytale charm, the beautiful truffle plantation, ancient olive grove, a winery located right in a family home's basement... Every single one was a unique, unforgettable experience. Thank you!"

- Katya, Sochi